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August 6, 2013 in Machinery, Mechanics, Projects by Jose

In this part I start with the manufacture of steel around the wood and had some structural deficiencies in large pieces and was quite annoying vibration.

The engine cost me € 15 in a junkyard and if you are going to buy do not forget the capacitor that makes the engine run! Is it 90 degrees out of phase one of the phases to create a false phase and to move all motor windings…

Stupid, which is shown in the bottom blank, is connected in a driving stage and three wires arrive, phase, the neutral and phase of the capacitor, and I'll upload a video so you can see the connection for the two speeds is.

After welding and cutting steel profiles plenty of 1'5mm 10X20 thick and the bolts several beginning to take shape…

In this term the slatted wooden block that came out mid Blog and round with the first round could only, this could take the form of what would be a floor lamp.

And the foot of the lamp nearing completion, Final finishing is done with coarse sandpaper and finally medium and fine grain, to make the hole from the tip to the base used a wood drill blade welded to a steel rod five feet with a drill, and patience pulse drilled ten meters timber end to end.

This is the process by passing a simple piece of olive tree to finish a piece of adornment.

Here we see the transformation of the cup, step by step and in the last two photos of a rough trunk can shape a fine bottle of olive wood in a lazy afternoon ;)

And other stuff made with winch…


This entry is dedicated to my grandfather, rest in peace, Modesto Diaz Castellano, renowned carpenter Pinofranquedado and instilled in me a love of woodworking.